Roofer: which management software to use?

The artisan roofer is a roofing specialist, from construction to repair. Zinc roofers are more specialized in the installation of materials by welding or stapling, and the maintenance of zinc: gutters, channels, gutters, dormers, sheet metal, chimney connectors, etc. Discover the roofer's job description and the software offered by Techtime to help you increase your productivity.

What does a roofer do?

Roofing contractors can be self-employed as a self-employed roofer, in a roofing and zinc-coating company. Roofer-ziners also work in a renovation or construction company.

The roofer's mission

The roofer's missions are many and varied :

  • it covers, replaces, repairs and installs building roofs using various types of materials, such as shingles, tiles ;
  • It installs shingles and roofing materials on the structure: clay or concrete tiles, slates, aluminum, zinc, glass, etc. ;
  • it ensures everyone's safety by repairing damaged roof parts;
  • It installs gutters, roof gutters, dormer windows, chimney stacks and thermal insulation;
  • He measures and cuts materials to make sure they fit securely around ducts, gutters, chimneys and walls;
  • it replaces tiles;
  • it connects to the chimney;
  • smoothes out rough spots to prepare the surface for new shingles or waterproofing;
  • replaces damaged or rotted roof areas;
  • it installs vapour barrier and insulation to create a tighter seal;
  • installs ladders and scaffolding in compliance with safety standards;
  • transports equipment and materials to job sites in complete safety.

What skills do you need?

The roofing trade requires certain skills and qualities in order to successfully carry out all its missions on the various worksites.


The roofing trade requires considerable know-how knowledge of the different cladding materials and how to use them, mastery of all the equipment needed to carry out the job, skills in geometry, quantity surveying and drawing/plotting to read or draw installation plans, mastery of simple masonry, plumbing and cladding work.


Safety standards are an integral part of a roofer's job: setting up scaffolding and safety devices, knowing and complying with safety standards.


Roofers have to work at heights, in positions that are often uncomfortable and repetitive. He must therefore be able to agility and balance.


The roofer must be able to adapt to different working environments outdoors, on private property, on building renovation sites, in noisy environments, in bad weather, etc.


The roofer is often called upon to travel to construction sites, and must to react quickly to emergency situations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a roofer?

Roofing is an exciting profession, thanks to the know-how and skills required. But it also has its drawbacks.

The benefits of the job

As explained above, the roofing trade is a highly technical one. highly technical and requires considerable know-how. What's more, it involves key tasks and above all varied. What's more, this professional can be entrusted with challenging and rewarding assignmentssuch as work on listed buildings.

In addition, the roofing profession allows you to rapid integration into working lifewith attractive salaries right from the start.. It also offers opportunities for advancement.


By the very nature of their trade, roofers must logically work at height. From sometimes dangerous interventions that require perfect mastery of safety standards. The roofer also has to work in difficult conditionsrelated to temperatures - depending on the season - and the postures to adopt.

Lastly, with worksites sometimes far away, this professional is required to travel frequently. They must also be available 24/7.

How do I become a roofer?

The roofing trade is accessible through several levels of training, from the 3e. Here's how to become a roofer:

  • CAP Couvreur ;
  • CAP Building and civil engineering waterproofing ;
  • Bac pro Interventions sur le patrimoine bâti option couverture ;
  • BP Roofing ;
  • BP Étanchéité du bâtiment et des travaux publics ;
  • BTS Systèmes Constructifs Bois et Habitat (Bac +2) ;
  • BTS in building envelope design and construction (Bac +2) ;
  • BTS Building (Bac +2).

How much does a roofer earn?

The average salary for a roofer in France is between between 1,800 and 2,500 euros gross per month. Earnings can vary according to a number of criteria: level of qualification, experience, status - salaried or self-employed, size of company, geographical location, etc.

A beginner roofer can earn around 1,500 euros gross per month, while an experienced professional can expect to earn over 3,000 euros gross per month.

A self-employed roofer can expect to earn up to 5,000 euros a month - or even more - depending on activity, recognition or qualification.

How does Techtime help roofers?

As a roofer, Techtime helps you simply manage all your on-site operations in real time and optimize your organization.

Techtime consists of two software tailored to each user:

Using management software for roofers means you can concentrate on your jobs and devote more time to your work, your professional life and the growth of your business.

Techtime has a number of features to help you manage your day-to-day business, including :

  • visit schedule and time management The schedule is synchronized in real time, giving you an overview of all tasks completed or to be completed;
  • software for management software to keep track of the equipment to be carried on each job;
  • vehicle vehicle management software to manage your fleet more easily and keep track of the use of each vehicle, its driver and its location;

reporting software reporting software With its timeline-based news flow, Techtime enables precise activity reporting to manage unforeseen events, without waiting for the end-of-day report.


intervention software


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