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You are...

As a construction company manager, you're running out of time. You're on all fronts (worksites, customers, office, suppliers, etc.) and yet you're not getting the results you're looking for: you're having a hard time making ends meet.

Would you like to...

Develop your profitability and rediscover the pleasure of your job as a construction company manager. You want to involve your employees and win their loyalty. You also want to take time for yourself, your family and your friends.

You too can do it
because it worked for them:

Like Mr Beyer, manager of a 15-employee painting company

Unhappy builder

Before support :

The manager of a 15-employee painting company was tired because he was working on all fronts and losing money every month.


  • Unprofitable building sites
  • Bad manners and unhappy customers
  • A late schedule
  • Unmotivated, unrecognized employees
Happy builder

After 4 months of support :

  • Increase from 20% to 80% of profitable sites
  • remotivated teams
  • Real, more present management and a more serene organization
  • A manager who is fully committed to his commercial activity, with some exciting projects in the pipeline.
Unhappy builder

Before support :

A company that has reduced its workforce by 2/3 due to lack of work and cash flow. A business owner who pays himself the bare minimum and is running out of time and orders.

Happy builder

After 1 year of support :

One 4-hour session every 2 weeks.

Priority is given to a more structured and reinforced internal organization:

  • The change of software has enabled us to optimize time on site and analyze profitability for better financial monitoring.
  • The 7-strong workforce has been stabilized, and the decision to diversify markets has enabled us to build up an order book in line with the new organization.
  • It's a relief for the entrepreneur, who can set achievable development targets and earn a higher income.

Like Mr Spitz, a TCE (tout cors d'état) contractor near Strasbourg.

Like Mr Meyer, head of a heating company.

Unhappy builder

Before support :

A burned-out company director who no longer wanted to continue running his business, despite the quality of the in-house work and the high profitability of the structure. Mr M Y is a well-known and recognized company with 10 employees. But he no longer finds pleasure in his work, can't sleep and feels a heavy mental burden.

Happy builder

After study and 3-month support :

After a study to identify the difficulties experienced and a 3-hour session every week for 3 months, everything falls into place!

Today, priority is given to a more structured and reinforced internal organization:

  • Mr Y has lightened his mental load by refocusing on his core business: business development and sales.
  • The internal organization has been reviewed to improve site monitoring and fluid communication of planned and ongoing projects.
  • Mr Y is once again enjoying his day-to-day life, while striking a balance between his personal and professional life.

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Expert in accompanying company managers

I could simply introduce myself: tell you that I like walks in the forest, swimming or traveling, but what I like most of all is watching a building site being constructed or a framework in progress. Yes, it may seem surprising, but I'm passionate about the world of building and manual trades. The possibility of creating, building and transforming materials has always captivated me.

What makes this passion even more exhilarating is that the success of every business project is unique, and that the development of any business is only possible thanks to everyone in the company.

After 15 years of supporting construction industry leaders, my vocation is as strong as ever, and the financial and human development of our companies is proof of this.

Julie PAIN


Expert in accompanying company managers

As the former managing director of a construction company, I know where you stand. I've experienced the feeling of powerlessness, the growing frustration in the face of the sector's difficulties, the stress, the mental workload.

What enabled me to create, finance, manage and develop this company from scratch? My background in accounting and business management, my adaptability, my ability to listen, my resilience and my good humor.

Today, I'm putting all this expertise at your disposal. I firmly believe that every manager deserves to succeed. Seize this opportunity to change everything!