Jobsite and intervention monitoring application

Software for team managers

Worksite and intervention management

Activity planning
intervention schedule
Distribution of resources
distribution of craftsmen on worksites

Intelligent management of teams and activities

The application designed for and with building craftsmen:

  • Mobilization of competent resources for activities you plan on your worksites.
  • Anticipate absences by managing a schedule of unavailabilities.
  • Supervision and management of technician feedback thanks to a mobile application enabling real-time exchanges (photos and messaging).
  • Optimal time management thanks to perfect visibility of what's done and what needs to be done.
  • Empowering teams by centralizing and transmitting important information on activities carried out.
  • Equipment tracking: each technician knows what to use for each activity.
  • Managing your fleet of vehicles.


Locate all your activities, technicians and contacts on a map. Optimize your travels.
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Building sites

Manage your customer's job site activities. You allocate your resources, associate your documents and set up scheduled times.
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Scheduling of interventions by customer and facility. Activity reporting and technician association in real time.
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Global planning of all activities. Quick visualization of Who, Does What, For Whom, When and How.
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Time sheets

Automatically receive and validate all timesheets! Export timesheets for payroll purposes.
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Instant messaging

Communicate in real time with on-site technicians via instant messaging. You're there, even from a distance!
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Timeline news feed for accurate activity reporting. Reconciliation between time spent and time planned.


Receive and centralize all photos from your on-site technicians in real time. You're in control of quality.


Analyze the distribution of your resources. In just one click, you can visualize and optimize your workforce completion rates.


Manage your catalog of vehicles that you can assign to your activities. You know who moves, where, when and why.


Catalog of materials that you can associate with your activities. Your technicians know in real time what supplies they need to take with them.


Manage your technicians. You can centralize their data, timesheets and documents, and associate them with activities.


Composition of groups of technicians with roles (site supervisors, etc.).


Unavailability management (absences, sick leave, training, etc.). You automatically know whether a resource is available or not.


Electronic management of documents relating to worksites, interventions, customers, technicians, vehicles,....
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