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A complete, high-performance decorator's management software.

Whether you are owner of VSE, SMEof a larger construction company or even if you're just starting out as a self-employed decoratorthe use of business management software will be a great help.

After all, everyone knows that the best results are achieved when decorators, customers and suppliers are all on the same wavelength. So it's natural to want to bring the same level of organization to your entire business.

In your profession, you are used to using computer software to optimize your work. However, business business management software to help decorators :

  • Working individually within each project
  • Update schedules and live information 
  • Separate each channel for each project or task
  • Share your inspiration

Thanks to decorator management software you can make the most of your working time and focus on what's most important: delivering a quality project to your customers.

Management software for decorators and project managers

Not only can the right software or application encourage results, it also streamlines your company's day-to-day operations.

Techtime is an application for smartphones and desktops, depending on each person's responsibilities:

  1. A web application assigned to the renovation agency or company manager: available on desktop computer or tablet

  2. A mobile application for technicians: they can consult their schedule and work from their smartphone 

Construction management software

The building decorator's job: tasks and missions

A true expert in building finishing and layout, the decorator has many strings to his bow. 

First and foremost, interior designers bring everyday spaces to life. Interior designers create functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces by assessing space requirements and budgets, determining optimal furniture placement and selecting decorative elements (furniture, moldings, panels...), all in compliance with master plan requirements, building codes and safety standards.

He then works with customers to determine the initial objectives and requirements for the space to be designed.

In the workplace, the decorator collaborates with interior designersengineers painters and other building professionals to better understand how space should be divided, arranged and furnished.

First, he prepares sketchessketches moodboards to demonstrate preliminary designs and inspire the customer.

Next, he describes the customer's design objectives, conceptualizes and consults with the customer to choose materials, furnishings and decoration.

What's more, the decorating professioninvolves project management in its own right: 

  • Determines project schedules project costs and present accurate estimates to customers.
  • Order or obtain the necessary materials, in compliance with requirements requirements.
  • Supervise installation of materialsfurniture and other design elements.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by visiting the project at the end with the customer.

In addition, it guarantees compliance with ecological commitments and produces renderings that comply with environmental standards.

More often than not, the decorator is self-employed, but can also collaborate with craftsmen and manage their work.

What skills does a decorator need?

Technical skills

The visual aspect is an integral part of the decorator's job, but not the only one! In order to follow the work on site, notions of building construction are required. The decorator has knowledge in a number of different fields of activity from BTP such as plumbingand carpentry, electrical...

The decorator also knows materials offered to his customers and used on site: from their visual characteristics to their qualities.

This enables him to take a critical look at every intervention and to keep abreast of every project progress.


The decorator is endowed with a strong sense of aesthetics which he puts to good use on a daily basis. In fact, he intervenes at the end of a site to personalize and enliven a home. To do this, the decorator pays particular attention to detail. He must provide his customers with a functional and beautiful space.

They ensure harmony of color, style, materials and furnishings. To this end, all good decorators demonstrate a sense of aesthetics and a taste for the visual arts.

Finally, he or she is required to keep up to date with the latest design trends and techniques.


The decorator role is that of advisor to the customer, providing answers to individual requirements and adapts to each project. To do this, good listening skills are essential. A decorator must also demonstrate good customer contact to create an atmosphere that reflects the customer's vision. He respects a schedule, a budget but also the customer's personal preferences. And to do this, he sometimes has to put his own personal tastes to the side.

Finally, he must be convincing and forceful to defend his choices in front of his interlocutors. To do this, you need to develop your sympathy capital is essential for the decorator.

The organization

Every day, the decorator demonstrates his adaptability in the face of the unexpected. Managing one or more projects simultaneously is no mean feat! 

That's why he needs to be well organized beforehand, and always allow for a margin of error at the start of the project. 

A management software for decorators is particularly useful for :

  • manage a budget
  • manage calendars and schedules

Meticulous workmanship

First and foremost, the decorator first, the decorator inspects a room and detects points of light, surface area, general layout and structure of the room or even the building. building. The decorator has a keen eye for detail. During construction, he monitors progress and ensures that everything is in line with the customer's wishes.

Finally, the decorator follows the architect's sketches and plans with great care.

Techtime: management software for decorators


With Techtime, it's less stress and 

more flexibility for your operations!

Decorator's project management software

Project management software is essential for meeting deadlines, anticipating slowdowns and avoiding hitches.

To maintain a relationship of trust not only with your customers, but also with your partners and technicians in the field, it's vital to bring everyone together under a single organization. It's a well-known fact that no site or project can move forward without a solid foundation and good organization!

Techtime is above all a collaborative tool that enables everyone involved in the project to know their mission and task on a daily basis.

They are informed live of any changes changes of schedule :

  • what remains to be done after an intervention 
  • the duration of the intervention by each technician
  • what was done during each period (hour, day, month)

What's more, Techtime is designed entirely for project management. Thanks to its interface intuitive interface you can quickly establish a timetable for the realization of an interior design project. Then you have all the design plans and templates at your fingertips.

Finally, you can add functionality to Techtime to make it your own customized business application, 100% adapted to your needs. For example, you can create links between Techtime and your 3D design and modeling software.

Contact management and communication tracking software

Your profession brings you into contact with many different people, and each stage of the project brings with it its own set of paperwork. Although essential to a project, these administrative documents are often a source of stress and can slow down a project if lost, damaged or forgotten.

This is where electronic document management (or EDM) comes in! It provides you with a means of storing centrally a large volume of digital documents. Techtime also includes features for efficient document retrieval.

In concrete terms, this technology saves time and offers greater flexibility for a sector that's always on the move. As a result, a large part of the administrative process has been digitized, which means :

  • direct access to useful information without wasting time
  • have everything at your fingertips, such as plans, sketches and bill-of-materials calculations 
  • less paper and more eco-responsible business management
  • store your important documentation online

In addition, for your subcontractorsfor your subcontractors, this means submitting information from the site you're on, without having to submit anything manually. Finally, the document portability makes all the difference on busy days: it's ideal for moving between customer appointments and ongoing worksites.

Customer management software

The creation, negotiation and management of contracts are an essential part of any company's working time, whatever its size. However, each step is time-consuming and prone to data entry errors.

When choosing management software for decorators, it's essential to select a working tool that integrates contact management.

This is the case of application for decorators Techtime application for decorators, which standardizes and homogenizes information and customer files.

One click gives you access to your entire customer portfolio and never lose a single piece of information about them. No more risk of duplicate or confusion between different projects!

  • instantly view the contracts of each customer, supplier, technician, etc.
  • keep archival records on every customer file
  • manage your customers more freely and have every document about them at your fingertips


intervention software


Project cost management software

One of the most important parts of a successful project is delivery on time and within budget. In this sense, a management software is your absolute ally when it comes to costing a project.

To properly plan tasks and determine who will carry them out, you need to determine the best possible project cost and whether the price matches your customer's budget. To succeed in this process, you need to know the phases and tasks for which each member of your team is responsible, and to track costs once the project is up and running.

This is where your data comes in! By using Techtime you keep an archive of similar projects your company has already completed, which you can use to evaluate the duration and cost of each task.

Conversely, without a digital trace you have no data and will have to create rough estimates. If you don't allocate enough time to each task, it can eat into your margins of your project!

With this in mind, Techtime supports you in producing bids and estimates for future projects, based on past job histories as well as on archived archived quotations.

With a decorator management software you can :

  • Determine cost of completion and project requirements during the budgeting phase
  • Estimate your layout work 
  • Measuring profitability of your projects
  • Monitor the live costs and profitability of each project 

Issue documents more easily, such as layout invoices.

Choose the right decorator management software software for decorators. Book your free demo and discover Techtime's features and how they meet your business needs!

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