Painter: which management software to use?

The role of the artisan painter is becoming increasingly versatile in the construction industry. Traditionally called upon to paint interiors and exteriors, the BTP painter's field of action now extends to decorating (decorative painter), wallpapering, plastering, flooring and glazing. Discover the painter's job description and the software offered by Techtime to help you increase your productivity.

What does a painter do?

A house painter can work fora building and civil engineering renovation or construction company, an interior design firm or a general building contractor. They can also work as industrial painter. Once they've gained experience on a number of different sites, they can set up on their own as a self-employed painter.

A painter's missions

The activities of a construction painter are varied:

  • facade restoration ;
  • external insulation ;
  • exterior BTP paint (gates, shutters, etc.) ;
  • floor repair ;
  • home renovation (living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) ;
  • interior fittings (plaster, waxed concrete, effect paint, etc.).

What skills do you need?

The profession of house painter requires certain qualities and skills to be able to bring their expertise to every job.


Homes and buildings, business premises or factories... A painter's job sites are all different and require a certain adaptability. In addition to a flexible workplace, needs are diverse. For example, one site will require more decorating skills, while another will be more "technical".

A sense of aesthetics

To suggest the right shade for the customer's walls, the painter must be aware of the aesthetics and complementarity of colors. When painting a building, he homogenizes all the colors to achieve a harmonious look in the home.


In order to provide a positive customer experience and quality work, the painter must have a keen eye for detail and must be meticulous throughout the job.

Compliance with safety standards

The painter ensures safety regulations with a thorough preparation of the work area.

Good customer relations

The painter must have good interpersonal skills for internal and customer exchanges.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a painter?

Versatile and stimulating, the painter's trade can also have its drawbacks.

The benefits of the job

There's never a dull moment in a painter's trade: the assignments are constantly varied and and varied.

Above all, the painter plays a central role central role on a construction site. Where some tasks may be invisible to the untrained eye, those of the painter offer concrete concrete results, observable to all, and often appreciated. The satisfaction of a job well satisfaction of a job well done, especially after positive feedback from customers.


However, being a painter means working in sometimes uncomfortable conditions and positions outdoors, on ladders or scaffolding. In addition, certain tasks can be even dangerous, when working at height, for example. Finally, you need to be able to withstand pressure and meet tight deadlines, while producing quality work.

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How do I become a painter?

The painter's trade is accessible via several levels of training and and qualification levels, starting with the 3e. Here are the training courses available to become a painter:

  • CAP painter and coating applicator ;
  • Brevet Professionnel paint applicator coatings ;
  • Bac professionnel (vocational baccalaureate) in building design and finishing with a major in painting, glazing and cladding or a major in plastering and painting;
  • BTS in building finishing: design and production (Bac +2) ;
  • BTS in building envelope design and construction (Bac +2) ;
  • Bachelor's degree in building and construction (Bac +3).

How much does a painter earn?

A painter's salary will vary according to years of experience, company and geographical location. On average, an entry-level worker can earn around the minimum wage. A team leader, on the other hand, can expect to earn 1,700 euros gross per month.

On the other hand, a self-employed painter can earn a higher salary, averaging between 2,300 and 4,500 euros. Remuneration depends in particular on the painter's customer portfolio and reputation.

How does Techtime help painters?

Techtime allows you to control your interior and exterior your interior and exterior painting operations remotely and optimize your organization. Techtime consists of two software packages tailored to each user's specific needs and context:

  • a web application for the company manager or site foreman (for use on a computer) ;
  • a mobile application for painters working on the bidder's premises (via Android or iPhone).

With this painter's management and site follow-up software, you'll be able to concentrate more on your jobsyour professional life and the growth of your business.

Techtime offers a number of features to help you in your day-to-day work:

  • schedule and time management Your schedule is synchronized in real time, giving you an overview of what's been done and what's left to do;
  • software for painter's tool management software : you are informed of the list of equipment to take with you, for each job and each site;
  • vehicle vehicle management software Vehicle management software: easily manage your fleet of vehicles and assign vans to each team of technicians. You know who's on the road, where, when and why;

reporting software reporting software for construction sites Thanks to its timeline-based news feed, Techtime enables precise activity reporting, so you can manage contingencies without waiting for the end-of-day report, report daily to your superiors, or plan materials and parts to meet deadlines.

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Digital technology is revolutionizing the construction industry and giving it a fresh coat of paint. It's a win-win situation for your entire team, as you evolve in a more efficient and better organized environment. 

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