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Do you need a management application for landscapers? 

A management software for landscapers gives landscaping landscaping landscaping companies the tools they need to keep track of their customers and their work.

You can dispatch several teams and managethe movements of landscapers, gardeners or pruners with less effort. Whether you're in the office or in the field, you have a digital tool at your fingertips for :

  • manage your sites 
  • communicate with your customers
  • attract new customers 
  • boost your results

Thanks to the Techtime business tool, you can keep track of your teams, your work in progress or completed, and everything else you need to stay organized and satisfy your customers.

Management software for landscapers and foremen

Techtime is a management software package for landscapers that unifies operational procedures and generates greater inter-team collaboration.

Two applications have been designed to meet the needs of users according to their missions, contexts and roles:

Construction management software

The landscaping profession: missions and tasks

Landscapers create and renovate parks and gardens, and focus on theoutdoor landscaping green spaces. He maintains the vegetation of outdoor landscapes (lawns, flowers, vegetable gardens, trees...) or general maintenance such as cleaning walkways, repairing fountains, etc.

Self-employed landscapers are known as landscape contractors, landscapegardeners or landscape workers

A landscape designer is responsible for designing unique outdoor spaces and working with other landscape professionals to translate their visions into parks and gardens and gardens. The landscaper ensures the growth and plant health with fertilizers. When necessary, he applies pesticides to eliminate insect pests such as mosquitoes, wasps and ticks. The craftsman removes weeds and dead plants.

Landscapers plant flowers and trees, prune shrubs and oversee the installation of garden furniture (pools, terraces, paving...) or decorations decorations (benches, fountains, fences, paths...).

Its tools include shovels, picks, rakes, pruners, backhoes and concrete mixers.

Depending on the specialization of the landscape company, the tasks are different: 

  • Advise customers on how to care for the landscape

  • Coordination with landscape architects to ensure garden meets customer expectations

  • Clear brush, rake leaves, cut branches, hedges and overgrown leaves

  • Maintain landscape design and ensure plant growth

  • Sodding, scarification and reseeding

  • Maintenance of green spaces, lawns, lawns

  • Pruning hedges, trees, shrubs and fruit trees

Landscape architects work with property managers, freeway companies, public buildings and private individuals. They sometimes work in partnership with other craftsmen, such as tilers.

What qualities do you need to be a landscape gardener?

In addition to their unfailing expertise, landscapers offer their customers a number of other qualities.

An eye for detail

Landscape architects have a keen eye for detail, and require precision to design exterior landscaping and floral decorations worthy of the name. They must create harmonious ensembles while respecting budgetary and environmental constraints.

A landscaper is generally expected to pay attention to detail, and even to be a perfectionist. The more he can think of the smallest detail, the more his work will be recognized and appreciated by the customer!

The organization

The landscape gardener's work depends to a great extent on the seasons and the rhythm of nature, which requires him to project himself into the future. As a result, you need to be organized throughout the year. This is the first step towards good business management.

Good organizational skills are essential to ensure the follow-up of sites and work. In anticipation of a job, the landscaper prepares equipment and plants required. On site, they check and organize the supply of soil, plants and materials.


A true architect of green spaces, the landscape craftsman is a creative profession. A lover of nature, he transforms the surrounding landscape with his plant decorations and floral art. He strives to make the landscape aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

The landscape designer is inventive and is always on the lookout to offer his customers new varieties to meet their needs. For landscape design they may be called upon to design gardens and other green spaces in the form of sketches or plans.


Knowing, respecting and applying safety protocols is an integral part of the plasterer's trade. A control phase takes place before, during and after the work to ensure the safety of users and all those present on the site, including the landscaper.

Physical fitness

Landscaping is a physical profession. You need to enjoy working outdoors, sometimes in direct sunlight. Some sites require good physical condition and stamina, particularly because of climatic conditions or uncomfortable, repetitive positions.

Techtime: management software for landscapers


With Techtime, choose digital transformation 

and organize the coming season! 

Data portability

In the construction industry, a large part of your time is spent in the field.

As a landscaper, you're sensitive to the seasons and the weather, with work carried out outdoors. So it's important that your management software you invest in is mobile-friendly, so that it can be portability of all your information. This gives you and your team the ability to access all these functions even if neither of you is in the office.

Techtime is a web and mobile solution designed to digitize all types of activities and documents. Forget about paper-based documentation and low-value-added tasks that slow down and complicate the day-to-day work of your teams in the field.

With Techtime, get 100% value from data collected in the field. The application centralizes and stores all resources relating to your technicians and customers. You benefit from electronic document management less paper, less document loss and greater respect for the environment.

You reinforce security by ensuring that company documents remain within the company. You can define authorizations to grant the right people access to the right information.

What's more, you can keep a history of past projects, therefore a a record of previous calendars. This allows you toaccurately estimate the duration of new projects.

Scheduling and activity management software

Before getting down to work, there's a lot of planning to do. Craftsmen need to know everything about the location and type of work to be carried out on the day. For example, does the job involve earthworks or installation of a fence ?

To ensure collaboration between your teamsit's essential to establish a schedule.

Techtime is management software for landscapers. With Techtime, you can organize your daily activities more quickly and whenever you want. In fact, creating a task and assigning a craftsman to it takes just a few clicks - a real time-saving for you!

From your interface you can transmit :

  • planning of the intervention in general and of the tasks within it 
  • name of the activity to be performed and task description
  • the technicians involved in the activity and their role (foreman, technician)
  • Absence and availability management (leave, training, etc.)
  • breakdown of planned hours (start and end times)
  • site documents (plans, time sheets, contracts, etc.)
  • photos of the worksite and work in progress
  • a list of equipment to take and vehicles to use

Contact management software

Most of your work takes place at a specific time of the year, so with other customers you tend to forget details! To help you keep track of your address book, we've created Techtime, the software for landscape professionals.

When it comes to managing a customer portfolio or a site you've got to know your way around!

Landscaping brings you into contact with a wide variety of customers, and you often have many different contracts. For example, if your company offers personal servicesFor example, if your company provides personal services, you'll mostly have long-term contracts. For long-term partnerships, you need to be able to remember as much information as possible, to have a history, an archivable record of each customer and intervention.

Techtime offers you comprehensive management of all your contacts, and supports you in your day-to-day business. From the software management software, you can categorize your prospects, customers and even suppliers by group, and keep track of all related documents.

intervention software

Location of work and customers

In your job, you have to travel to different geographical areas or territories. And to do so as quickly as possible. In order to optimize your travels, Techtime provides functionalities for location of jobs and work sites. You can also access the location of your craftsmen and customers.

Contact details, location and itinerary for jobs and interventions. In just one click, each landscape craftsman obtains all the information needed to reach the customer's home.

The "Activities" tab shows the locations of your site activities by day or by period. You can then plan your movements and optimize the positioning of your craftsmen and technicians.

The "My contacts" tab shows all your contacts on the map: customers, prospects or suppliers.

In both cases, filters allow you to select the information you wish to display.

From his mobile application, the landscape gardener simply clicks on an address to open the Google Maps or Plan application and calculate his route to the customer's premises.

Planning doesn't stop at the site. It's a vital task to ensure that everything is ready on time and to maximize your results.

So choose landscaping management software and make your business flourish!

Landscape management software improves objectives



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Better monitoring

More efficient

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