Management software for carpenters

The timber carpenter is a craftsman specializing in the construction, installation and maintenance of wooden structures. It's a demanding and meticulous manual trade. Discover the wood carpenter's trade sheet and the software offered by Techtime to help you increase your productivity.

What does it mean to be a carpenter?

The carpenter is a specialist in wood and wood treatment. This specialized woodworker builds, installs, maintains and repairs structures and structural elements made of wood, wood substitutes and other materials.

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The carpenter's job

What's a carpenter's day-to-day work like? In the workshop and in the field, the the carpenter shapes the frameworks prior to carpentry and roofing work.. The woodworker reads and interprets plans, drawings and sketches supplied by the draftsman, architect or wood design office. Based on these, they draw up the layout.

Next, the wood carpenter measures, cuts, shapes and assembles wood, wood substitutes and other materials. He builds foundations, installs floor beams, lays subfloors and erects walls and roofing systems. On the job site, he or she lifts and assembles carpentry components..

What skills do you need?

Know-how, meticulousness, teamwork and physical strength are the key words for becoming a wood carpenter.


The timber carpenter's trade is an artisanal and manual activity that requires mastery of all the shaping techniques specific to each material. This enables him to tailor his creations to customer requirements. A proper study is carried out to determine the type of framework required for the building, to ensure a harmonious result that guarantees the roof's resistance to time and the elements.


Timber carpenters have an unfailing eye for detail. In his work, he is required to estimate and respect dimensions perfectly. As for installation, it must be carried out to the nearest millimeter.

Team spirit

As in many building trades, the timber carpenter is never alone on a building site. Team spirit is therefore essential to evolve with the different craftsmen present. Keeping track of information and getting feedback from the field are very important in this trade, in order to stay organized and gain in productivity.


This job involves the risk of injury (cuts, falling heavy objects, falls from heights...). For this reason, knowledge of and compliance with safety standards are essential. The carpenter ensures compliance with health and safety regulations. He is responsible for intervening at the start of the worksite to :

  • prepare the site area ;
  • scaffolding ;
  • secure the area.


Physical fitness

As in many building professions, uncomfortable and awkward positions are common in the woodworking trade, not to mention working at heights and outdoors. What's more, handling handling and installing wooden components requires skill and physical strength.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a carpenter?

Woodcarpentry is a demanding, manual activity that can be pleasurable but also has its drawbacks.

The benefits of the job

Carpenters have no time for boredom. His daily routine is varied and his tasks are not redundant. He divides his time between workshop fabrication and on-site installation.. It's also a profession that's evolving with the rise of information technology and digital tools.


It's a job that can be physically physically demanding and difficult when working outdoors and subjected to intense heat or cold. The job also requires mobility, so you can travel to work sites that are sometimes far from home.

How do I get to be a carpenter?

Several carpenter training courses are available from the 3e.

After 3rd grade

In two years, you can obtain a wood carpenter or wood constructor CAP. In three years, you can take a Bac pro woodworking technician or a bac STI2D specializing in architecture and construction.

After high school

After high school, you can choose a BTS in wood development and production or wood and habitat construction systems in 2 years. In 3 years, a licence pro in wood trades is also available.

How much does a timber carpenter earn?

The average salary for a beginner carpenter is around €1,700 gross per month. An experienced carpenter can expect a higher salary of around €2,500 gross.


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Managing a construction site is no mean feat for building professionals and site supervisors. It takes a great deal of rigor to plan, manage and coordinate the entire team. 

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