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Locksmiths are specialists in locks and keys. He makes, sells, installs and repairs locks. But he can also be in charge of installing more elaborate security systems. Here's a closer look at the locksmith's job description, tasks, skills and salary. Discover Techtime's software solutions to help you increase your productivity.

The locksmith's trade: what does it involve?

A locksmith is a skilled technician who installs, adjusts, repairs and opens locks of all types and brands. Here's the locksmith's job description.

What does a locksmith do?

The locksmith's main tasks are : 

  • opening of slammed, locked or jammed doors;
  • opening broken locks;
  • lock replacement;
  • door armoring, installation of armored locks, safes, etc.

Locksmiths carry out metalwork on buildings. Although he is primarily a specialist in home protection and security, you can also call on his services for repairs at

  • duplicate keys ;
  • automatic door failure ;
  • metal grilles and curtains ;
  • gates and barriers ;
  • armoured door ;
  • roller shutter ;
  • mailbox, garage door, cellar, etc.

Thelocksmith makes keys and adjusts/modifies lock combinations. He also cuts and duplicates keys using key-cutting machines.

Moreover, locksmiths can be involved in the installation of security doors and the maintenance of important parts of electrical or mechanical door systems.

The locksmith also installs security systems such as access control systems, alarms and intercoms.

Finally, it resets combination locks or other advanced security devices used in businesses or other facilities.

À Both troubleshooter and installer, the locksmith determines the type of lock required for a specific application. This involves measuring the door or window for which the lock is being installed, or replacing an existing lock with a new one.

Locksmiths generally work with private individuals or organizations such as banks, corporate offices...

Specializations in industrial locksmithing also exist, although these days the term " metalworker" is more widespread.

What skills does a locksmith need?

The locksmith's trade requires a wide range of security skills. A good locksmith needs to be responsive and adaptable, with good customer contact and, of course, technical know-how.


Many companies and private individuals call on locksmiths after burglaries, thefts or to prevent them. That's why locksmiths have to comply with safety regulations and standards .

On a day-to-day basis, these skills translate into the ability to install high-security locks that cannot be picked or cracked using conventional methods. 

In most cases, some organizations entrust him with the task of handing out keys to employees, and keeping a record of keys handed in and returned. This requires a relationship of trust with the customer

Lastly, building metal structures exposes him to health risks, making it essential to comply with preventive measures.

Customer contact

As locksmiths are in direct contact with their customers, they need to be good listeners and empathetic. With the greatest possible transparency, a competent locksmith ensures the satisfaction of his customers by offering them a diagnosis and then a service adapted to their needs. For example, he may suggest forcing open a door when necessary, while reassuring the customer. 

In addition, he sells locks and recommends them to individuals and organizations. He also teaches his customers the proper use of locks and keys, and what to do if the locks don't work properly.


Locksmiths are experts not only in locks, but also in metal, if they specialize in locksmithing. He creates metal structures and knows how to handle different materials. He also knows how to work on different substrates. 

What's more, he usessurgical precision on a daily basis to avoid damaging the structure he has to repair. 

Finally, if they forge in their workshop, locksmiths are meticulous and attentive when it comes to reading plans and shaping keys or other metal structures to perfection.


The locksmith's day-to-day work is punctuated by 24/7 call-outs to help customers quickly .

As a result, locksmiths are often called upon to work in a hurry.


As the saying goes: for every problem, there's a solution. And locksmiths know this well, since their unparalleled adaptability enables them to analyze the situation in depth andoffer a tailor-made solution.

For example, he may recommend door armoring after an attempted break-in, rather than lock replacement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a locksmith?

Although rewarding and stimulating, the locksmith's trade does have its drawbacks.

The benefits of the job

The locksmith profession is extremely rewarding if you have a sense of service. Your skills and dexterity will enable you to get many individuals and companies out of uncomfortable situations.

As a locksmith, your job is to ensure the safety of people and their property! If you're good with your hands, reactive, versatile, like to be of service and work in sometimes urgent situations, this is the job for you! What's more, an experienced locksmith is well paid.


In return, a locksmith who provides breakdown services must accept to evenings and weekends. A burglary, lost keys or an unintentional door slam can happen at any time, any day of the week, which is why locksmiths need to be available and responsive.

How do I become a locksmith?

What training do I need to become a locksmith? There are several routes you can take to become a locksmith: 

  • a 2-year CAP in metalworking or metalwork ;
  • a Bac pro metalworker in 2 years ;

a 3-year Bac Pro in building structures and metalwork.

How much does a locksmith earn?

Locksmithing is a well-paid profession. The starting salary for a locksmith is around €3380 gross per month..


With locksmith management software,
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How does Techtime software help locksmiths?

Customer support software for locksmiths

intervention software

Techtime enables locksmiths to manage their operations remotely, in real time, and optimize their organization thanks to :

  • a web application for the company manager or site foreman (for use on a computer) ;
  • a mobile application for locksmiths working in the field (via their Android or iPhone phone).

Techtime offers a wide range of solutions for locksmiths with : 

  • Customer support software that lets you quickly schedule and dispatch your technicians thanks to Techtime's Techtime planning functionality.
  • A locksmith's work location software program to optimize your travels by locating work sites and worksites.
  • Fleet management software that lets you assign a vehicle and equipment to each of your operations and to each technician. This way, your locksmiths are informed of every change and every new assignment.
  • Management software to help your locksmiths optimize their time and get more work done.

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