Adding specific functionalities

We adapt Techtime to create your custom management software!

Techtime is project management software that helps you optimize your productivity. To meet the needs of every profession, we've designed a modular worksite tracking tool to be tailor-made. The aim is to adapt the software to your needs and constraints, and improve your productivity.

We upgrade your business management software

Techtime, a complete and adaptable project management software package

Techtime is a practical project management software designed to make your day-to-day work easier.

Techtime functions

Techtime is management software for craftsmen. It is both a :

  • time sheet management ;
  • electronic worksite document management ;
  • fleet management ;
  • contact management ;
  • intervention planning ;
  • to monitor information on construction sites ;
  • document storage and centralization ;
  • customer support, etc.

Techtime also offers two software packages:

Adaptable project management software

Techtime was designed for craftsmen and with craftsmen in mind. This joint approach has enabled us to develop a site monitoring software program that is as close as possible to your needs. Indeed, a carpenter, tiler, electrician or a painter do not all have the same way of managing their worksites and their interventions. Techtime's flexibility takes this into account. A good digital tool must be able to adapt perfectly to your needs and respond to the different challenges you face.. This is why, in addition to the functional base of this project management application, it is possible to add new functionalities that will be entirely dedicated to you and therefore specifically designed. This is one of Techtime's great advantages: we can offer you customized development, just for you!

We upgrade your business management software

Customized features

The already comprehensive Techtime tool can now be enhanced with a host of new features:

  • from gateways between Techtime and third-party applications (quotation, invoicing, payroll, stock management, etc.);
  • from gateways to connected objects ;

the automated generation reports and documents, etc.Depending on the volume of development required for these customized functionalities, we can offer you a daily rate or a fixed price for the whole package.

site monitoring software
Your step-by-step support

How do you go about designing a customized tool?

You, better than anyone, know which tools you need, which options are essential and which extensions would save you time. That's why, before we develop your custom tool, we take stock of your needs.

1. Expressing your needs

To provide you with the site tracking tool best suited to your needs, the first step is to identify and collect all your requirements. This can be an opportunity to interview the craftsmen working on site, as well as the site supervisors who have the additional responsibility of ensuring that the work is carried out correctly.

Our digital agency is at your side during the requirements gathering phase. Our experience in analyzing requirements and translating them into processes and functionalities will be very useful to you.

Together, we can then evaluate the possibilities for meeting your business objectives then match them with the right technical solutions.

2. Development of your functionalities

At the start of the project to create your new Techtime features, our technical team organizes and development in stages.

You remain at the center of your project, so you have complete control over how it unfolds. To achieve this, you are supported by a dedicated project manager. This enables you to follow the development of your new functionalities in real time.

So, before deploying your customized version of Techtime in production, a test phase allows you to validate what has been done. By moving forward together step by step, we build the tool that will accompany you on a daily basis for the years to come.

Are you interested in the Techtime solution for your company and would like to discuss your specific needs with an advisor?