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A management software for tilers is essential. And with good reason site management is an essential step for building professionals.

A digital solution simply makes your work easier, both in the field and in the office. You can centralize all your information in one place, and plan and manage contingencies more reactively.

Planning ahead to stay organized greatly improves your productivity. Thanks to Techtime your productivity is optimized. In other words, you benefit from :

  • more effective communication between your teams 
  • better task organization
  • simplified management of customer and supplier documents 
  • real-time tracking of all your activities

The application of the site manager and the tiler

The Techtime application is the perfect answer of the tiling trade.
Techtime offers two software applications designed for each role and usage environment:

Construction management software

The tiler's job: missions and tasks

L'tiling craftsman is a specialist in tiles and mosaicsstoneware, slate, marble and ceramics. He lays tiles according to a tiling plan or calepinage and cuts tiles as required.

The tiler or tile-setter arrives on site to complete the finishing touches, after the other building and civil engineering technicians. In other words, they work alongside the plumber, electrician and the painter.

During a interventionits missions are not limited to simply laying coating. First and foremost, he or she surface preparation : examining the plans and surfaces to be tiled, measuring and marking them out. Next, he prepares walls and floors by removing old tiles, glue and adhesive, and filling holes and cracks. He also takes care of finishes and cleaning surfaces at the end of flooring work.

Finally, it ensures insulation and above all waterproofinghis work must resist humidity.

You can work on your own as self-employed tilerin a tiling/renovation company or in a construction construction company.

The tiler's tasks are varied:

  • Provide estimates and estimates to customers (e.g. number of tiles and quantities of materials required, the time and costs installation)
  • Laying screed, skirting boards... 
  • Laying granolithic, terrazzo, cement or similar floor coverings
  • Shaping and laying a wide variety of materials: glazed or porcelain stoneware, earthenware, slate, marble, terracotta, glass paste, glazed lava, etc.

Tilers work alone or as part of a team in all kinds of settings: renovating homes, buildings, laboratories or hospitals, landscaping gardens, building swimming pools, tiling public spaces, paving.

What qualities and attributes are needed to become a tile setter?

Tilers are multi-skilled, and their customers can rely on them to deliver quality work.


Tilers have an unfailing eye for detail. He or she is precise in all tasks, especially when it comes to cutting and gluing tiles. gluing of tiles. In order to deliver quality work to his customers the tiling craftsman uses patience on his assignments, such as ensuring that :

  • Gaps between tiles are sealed
  • Tiles are correctly aligned and spaced
  • In the case of a mosaic, ensure that the ceramic pieces are symmetrical.
  • Visit grouting tilesClean and remove excess grout

His meticulousness can also be seen at the end of the job, when he checks the work done.


Bathroom, kitchen, facade, terrace...the tiler dresses walls and floors with ceramic tiles, as well as marble, sandstone and porcelain. A wide range of materials that the tiler needs to know inside out in order to adapt to customers' needs and profiles (tastes, budget...).

What's more, they work in a variety of environments (outdoors, indoors in private homes, on building sites, etc.). building site on a building renovation site, in a noisy environment, in bad weather...).

Artistic sense

Like many craft trades, that of tiler requires a strong artistic sense. In fact, the tile setter plays a decisive role in the decoration He gives an identity to the room or work surface. Depending on the customer's requirements, he or she to straight or diagonal layingfrom an impressive range of materials and colors, uses friezes, mosaics...

The tiler also defines the type of joint by its size and color, to ensure a harmonious finish.

Team spirit

On a construction site, they are in constant contact with other construction professionals. They work on construction sites and must coordinate with other building trades such as masons or painters. As a result, they need good communication skills to optimize their time: working together is the watchword!


Calculations hold no secrets for tilers. On a daily basis, he's asked to calculate the quantity of tiles needed to cover a surface, the budget, and so on. They also have to take account of openings (doors, windows, etc.) and deduct them from their calculations. To do this, he or she must have a sound knowledge of mathematics.

Techtime: software designed for tile-setters


Tile with peace of mind,
Techtime takes care of the rest!

Tiler tool management software

Good management of work tools is essential in the construction industry. 

Tenaille, angle grinder, tile cutter, knee pads, checks, saws, trowels, squeegee... The tools used by tilers are varied, and it's easy to get lost or forget a tool. Not to mention the fact that tiles are very fragile, and you're never safe from breaking equipment while working on them. Thanks to your logiciel de gestion pour carreleur you control the organization of tools for each craftsman. Techtime lets you create libraries for your supplies.

For example, you can classify them :

  • depending on the type of covering earthenware, ceramic tiles, marble, granite, stone, slate, terracotta, porcelain stoneware...
  • depending on type of product waterproofing, sealing, insulation...
  • by tools grouting mortar, putty, tile cutters, grinders...

For the site supervisor you benefit from a catalog of equipment that you can associate with your activities. If a tool is missing, you can see it directly. Your technicians know in real time what supplies they need to take with them.

For technicians in the field: less precipitation haste to know what to take and what resources are still available. Since everyone knows the list of materials to take with them to the job site.

The features are beneficial for the project manager and the craftsman!

Time sheet management software

For your operations and worksites, the working time of your craftsmen is very important. What's more, in your profession time spent and costs installation costs are essential if you are to budget budget.

With Techtime software, your technicians can directly enter their time sheets directly on their application mobile application. In just a few seconds, they can complete the form with :

  • arrival and departure times
  • pause time
  • overtime
  • absence and reason

The technician's application automatically synchronizes with the foreman's software. The accounting is done automatically! All you have to do is follow the progress live.

With digital digital management of time sheets, you can the relationship between budget sold and budget spent. By extension, you benefit from better quote management and invoice management.

It is also important to know the labor cost of each task and sub-task to guarantee profitability of each job.

Last but not least, you rely on previous costs and completion times, which will remain stored in the software. No more loss of information !

Vehicle management software for tilers

The success of a job site depends on good management of tools, and especially vehicles. The construction professionals need vehicles utility vehicles to transport and store their equipment in complete safety. Occasionally, larger-scale projects require more equipment and some are quite imposing, like the scraper electric scraper, for example.

Techtime includes a vehicle vehicle management function. You'll find an inventory of vehicles, so you can quickly see which one is available and reserve it or assign it to a job.


intervention software

Application of photos of tiling work

In your business, a analysis of the situation and preparation are just as important as the installation itself.

Depending on the status of the work, you may need a clearer clearer view a clearer view of a job see for yourself the progress of a job. For the site manager, a photo is the best way to ensure quality control.

But that's not all! For the technicians, the photos allow them to prepare better and toassess the scale of the project or room layout before arriving on site. The Techtime Techtime application featuresworksite photo".

A technician can take site photos and associate them with activities.

This feature is particularly useful during :

  • Preparing the substrate for tiling
  • Dimensional calculations 
  • When renovating to assess the old installation
  • Compare planned with actual
  • After work by other trades (plumbers, electricians, etc.)

Each receives and then centralizes in real time all photos from the site. It is also possible to annotate them and return the photo with comments.

The digitalization of your business is essential if you are to make your mark in an ultra-competitive sector. To stay productive and optimize your time, organization is the watchword.

Use a management software like Techtime and boost your sales targets!

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