A mobile application for building professionals that follows you everywhere

For on-site technicians

Carrying out worksite and intervention activities

mobile application for site monitoring and intervention

Optimized execution of activities by your craftsmen

With Techtime mobile, every craftsman has the answers to :

  • What: tasks to be carried out on worksites and during interventions
  • Where: location of activities and customers
  • For whom: automatically retrieves customer contact information
  • When: when to go to the customer's premises
  • With whom: he knows the composition of his team and the role of each member (foreman, craftsman, etc.).
  • How: He has all the information he needs to work with precision and quality. They can consult plans and take photos of their work. Managers and technicians can exchange information remotely and live via instant messaging.
intervention schedule


Coordinates, location and itinerary of worksites and interventions. In just one click, each technician obtains all the information needed to reach the customer site.

Building sites

The technician collects information relating to the worksite (documents, photos, contacts, materials, etc.). They can also declare jobsite activities.


Intervention activities are listed for each technician. They can also enter their own interventions, describing what they did, for whom and how.


His schedule is synchronized in real time. Push notifications alert him to new or modified activities.

Time sheets

For each activity, the technician can fill in a time sheet (arrival time, lunch break, departure time). Time sheets are stored and transmitted in real time to the manager for validation!


The messaging system provides an instant chat facility so that on-site technicians and remote managers can exchange important information (alerts, instructions, observations, etc.).


A technician can take site photos and associate them with activities. Each photo is time-stamped and commented.


Teams are informed of the vehicles they need to borrow to get to the customer. A catalog makes it easy to manage your fleet.


Each person knows the list of equipment to take with them to work sites.


The technician accesses his Techtime profile. They share their own documents with their manager (copies of administrative documents, contact details, etc.).


For each activity, the composition of a team and roles are known to everyone (craftsmen, site supervisor, etc.).


Technicians automatically retrieve all important documents from their mobile application, to ensure the smooth running of their craft activities.

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